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The right-click protection is not really there to forbid you to save my pics, I know there are always ways around it. So you don't have to send me "stolen" pics to prove some kind of point, nor post in my guestbook that I should not be egoistic and share my work. That will only make the misses (and webmaster) mad and believe me, you do not want that ;-) I merely want to make the visitor aware of the fact that my pics (and pics in general) are copyrighted by the photographer (so, me in this case) and that I'd like the visitor to respect that. Even though I put a LOT of money in my photography and I don't owe anyone anything, I do like to share my work for your pleasure - to a certain extent! Read on...

general conditions

I work according the rules of the NFF (Dutch Photographers Association), which means if you use my pics commercially without my permission, credits and/or payment, you violate their rules, I will bill you according their rules and if necessary I will take legal actions. I don't ask for a lot, but like any of you I just don't like to be ripped off.

books, print magazines, CDs, promomaterial, other commercial use (NOT free of charge)

I'm afraid I'll have to charge a fee, because I deliver professional pics and put a lot of time, money and effort in them. I will give you large prints or large high-res tif or jpg files (any dpi, any size) for it. Don't worry, I'm not very expensive yet! ;-) Email me for more details, prices start at 20 euro/pic. Besides that I want to be credited on the product and I want to receive 3 copies of the finished product for my archive.

websites (free)

You can use my pics without any charge, but with credits, if possible with a link to my website - on the same page as the pic(s), so it's clear which pic(s) in a gallery are mine. If extra text-credits aren't possible on a page (after all I put my URL on my pictures these days), you could e.g. link me on your links page. I will give you low-res jpg files (72 dpi - 400 pixels) with my URL at the bottom. You are not allowed to remove it or alter my pics. If you need to make them smaller, make sure the URL is still readable! ONLY exception goes to the webzine I'm associated with, Morrigan's Pit, they put the credits in the alt function of each pic. Please email me your URL if you use them, I love to see the results :-)

for your personal use (free)

Of course I will also send you my pics if you just want them for your own collection, desktop etc. But the same goes as for websites: I will send you the low-res jpg files and you can not remove my URL, so that when you share them with your friends and they end up 10 friends further down the line, those people also know whose pics they are. As well as the visitors of the websites where your friend's friend's friend ends up posting them after the pics have travelled all the way to his computer ;-)


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